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As an essential service, we are OPEN.

As an essential service, we remain OPEN during the Covid-19 virus social distancing & shelter-in-place period. However, we are making changes to how we operate during this time in order to protect our clients and our staff. 

Our veterinarians and staff will continue to be available to treat your horse(s). We ask any clients experiencing any symptoms or that have any reason to believe they have been exposed to Covid-19, to allow us to do all handling of your horse(s) and to maintain a safe distance.  We will also be using our own lead ropes and lunge lines when handling your horse.

Our veterinarians will also be offering telemedicine during this time when possible and appropriate. Please go to our new telemedicine page to schedule your session.

Horses in rehabilitation will continue as normal in their individual programs. We understand that it is difficult for some of you to go to your barn at this time, and so we are offering a 15% DISCOUNT for any horse enlisting in a fitness program at our rehabilitation center, during this time.  

In order to increase social distance, we will do all intake paperwork electronically and will maintain reasonable distance from haulers/owners at drop offs. Trainers, veterinarians and farriers not exhibiting flulike symptoms may still work on horses under their care at our facility.

Our front office staff will be working remotely. So, please make sure to call at 707-721-4402, email us, or visit our website where you can book your appointment or make a payment online.

If you need any medications, you can visit our new online pharmacy and get your medications and more delivered to your door with FREE 2-3 day shipping in California.

We are all doing our very best to keep everyone safe and continue to keep your horses healthy and sound. If you have an questions or suggestions for us, please do not hesitate to let us know. We appreciate your confidence in us and thank you for allowing us to care for your horses.

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